Dailypay 175M Series 325M Barrononline

Dailypay 175M Series 325M Barrononline

Dailypay 175M Series 325M Barrononline

It is a major step forward for the fintech giant and a testament to its success as a disruptor of traditional banking and payments systems. Dailypay is the first company to offer its users the opportunity to access their earned wages on demand, and this new funding round solidifies the company’s standing as a leader in the industry. 

 Dailypay’s 175M Series B Funding

Dailypay, a fintech company that helps companies provide on-demand pay to their employees, recently announced a massive funding round of $175 million for its Series B. This funding was led by Riverwood Capital, with support from existing investors including Coatue, Greenspring, and Tiger Global. This round of funding brings Dailypay’s total fundraising tally to $325 million, making it one of the most heavily funded fintech companies of its kind. The funding will be used to further develop Dailypay’s technology platform and expand its customer base. The company plans to use the money to hire more engineers, build new products and services, and help customers take advantage of its services more efficiently.

The funds will also be used to expand internationally, providing the company with the resources necessary to become a global player in the fintech space. The investment comes at a time when the demand for on-demand pay is growing rapidly, as employers are looking for ways to give their employees more control over their finances. This demand is driven by millennials and gig economy workers, who are increasingly looking for financial services that give them more flexibility. Dailypay’s platform is designed to make it easier for employers to provide on-demand pay to their employees and for employees to access their funds quickly and securely.

Barrononline’s 325M Series B Funding

It is a major milestone for the company and a testament to the growing demand for its innovative payment solutions. The new round of funding was led by a consortium of investors, including Softbank, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Singapore-based GIC. The funds will be used to accelerate Dailypay’s growth, expand its product offerings, and help the company expand into new markets. Daily pay is a leading provider of on-demand payroll solutions, helping employers and employees manage their paychecks. The company’s products enable employers to offer employees access to their wages before payday, allowing them to better manage their finances and avoid the high costs of overdraft fees, late fees, and other financial penalties. The company has seen tremendous growth since its founding in 2015, and the new funding will help it continue to expand its services. The Series B funding will also allow Dailypay to continue to develop its technology and build new integrations with payroll providers and financial institutions. The company is also looking to expand its presence in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The funds will also be used to build out the company’s customer service and support offerings, and to expand its marketing and sales efforts.

Advantages of Series B Funding for Businesses

Series B funding, such as the Dailypay Series B round of $325 million, provides businesses with key advantages that can help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Series B funding is typically used to expand operations, hire more staff, develop new products or services, and increase marketing efforts. It can also be used to strengthen existing products and services, acquire other businesses, and provide working capital. These are all important areas for businesses to focus on in order to remain competitive and grow. With the extra capital, businesses can invest in the resources they need to develop new products, hire more skilled staff, and better promote their services or products. Additionally, Series B funding can provide a much needed injection of capital to existing businesses, allowing them to reach new heights.

Potential Benefits of Series B Investments

The potential benefits of a Series B investment, such as the recent $175M Series B investment by Dailypay, can be vast and far-reaching. Not only does a Series B investment provide a company with the capital needed to further expand its operations, but it can also help them to build a more solid foundation for their business. Series B investments can give a company the ability to hire more experienced and talented staff, develop new products and services, and expand their reach into new markets. It can also help companies to gain additional funding for research and development, which can lead to more innovative products and services. Additionally, Series B investments can provide a company with the capital needed to acquire new technology and make strategic partnerships, both of which can help to propel their business forward. Furthermore, Series B investments can give a company the ability to invest in marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as provide them with the resources needed to compete in the increasingly competitive marketplace. With the $325M Series B investment from Barrononline, Dailypay can now take advantage of these potential benefits and continue to build upon the success it has already achieved.

Summary and Outlook

The Dailypay Series C funding round, totaling $175 million, was led by the investment firm Barrononline. This round of funding raised the total value of the company to $325 million. This influx of capital will provide Dailypay with the resources to expand their reach, invest in product development, and explore new opportunities in the industry. With this funding, Dailypay plans to expand their customer base and increase their offerings, as well as continue to provide an easier and more secure way for individuals and businesses to manage their finances. This is an exciting time for Dailypay as they continue to grow and make an impact on the financial industry. The future looks bright for Dailypay and the Series C funding will only further propel them forward.


Dailypay’s most recent funding round of a total of $175M in Series C and $325M in Barrononline funding marks a milestone for the company. This injection of capital will enable them to continue to revolutionize workplace financial wellness, as well as support their expansion into new geographies and markets. This injection of capital is a testament to the success of their innovative technology and the power of their partnerships. Dailypay is revolutionizing how employees are paid, giving them access to their earned wages before payday, and providing them with financial wellness tools to help them manage their finances. With this new capital, the company is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

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