Portalone 15M Founders Fund Twitch Kevin

Portalone 15M Founders Fund Twitch Kevin

It was created in 2020 by Kevin, a successful Twitch streamer, to give back to the gaming community. The fund provides grants to Twitch streamers and other gaming-related projects, with the goal of improving the gaming experience for players and viewers alike. Kevin wanted to use his success to help further the growth of the gaming industry, and with the Portalone 15M Founders Fund, he was able to do just that.

What is the Portalone 15M Founders Fund? 

It is a venture capital fund that was created by Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and his partners in 2015. The fund is focused on investing in early-stage companies that are developing technologies that could benefit the gaming industry. The fund has invested in a variety of companies, including game developers, esports teams, streaming platforms, and software companies. The fund has also partnered with several organizations, such as ESL and the Global Gaming League, to provide resources and expertise to their portfolio companies. The fund is driven by the belief that the gaming industry is poised to become one of the most lucrative and influential sectors of the global economy. Through their investments, they are helping to create an ecosystem of innovation and collaboration that will drive the industry forward. The fund is committed to supporting entrepreneurs who are passionate about building the future of gaming.

How is the Fund Being Used? 

It, created by Kevin, is being used to help fund the growth of Twitch, a streaming platform for gamers. The fund is the first of its kind for the gaming industry, and it is designed to provide resources for streamers and other creators on the platform. The fund will be used to help fund the development of new games and content, and also to help streamers and other creators gain visibility and reach new audiences. Kevin has also committed to investing in companies that work to support the growth and development of the Twitch platform. This will help to ensure that Twitch remains the leading streaming platform for gamers, and will give the streamers and other creators the resources they need to continue to create content that is entertaining and engaging. The fund will also be used to help Twitch reach out to new demographics, including younger viewers, in order to expand their reach and engagement. This could be done through partnerships and collaborations with other companies, as well as through marketing initiatives. Ultimately, the fund will help to ensure a future where streaming is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What Benefits Does the Fund Provide? 

It is a venture fund created by Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and his team to help launch and accelerate early-stage startups. The fund provides valuable resources to entrepreneurs and startups, including access to capital, mentorship, and networking. It also serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas to the world. With its focus on creating strong networks, the fund helps founders connect with potential investors and customers, leverage talent and resources, and build a strong foundation for their business. In addition to providing capital, the fund also offers workshops, mentorship, and other resources that can help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. With its deep knowledge and experience in the tech and startup industries, the fund also helps founders identify and develop new business opportunities and strategies. By providing access to capital, mentorship, and networking, the Portalone 15M Founders Fund is helping entrepreneurs and startups bring their innovative ideas to life.

What Projects Has the Fund Supported? 

It, led by Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, has supported 10 projects since its launch in 2018. These projects span a variety of industries, from gaming and consumer electronics to healthcare and storage solutions. The fund has invested in projects such as AirConsole, a gaming platform that allows users to play games through their web browser, and Luma Health, a platform that helps healthcare providers communicate with patients. Other notable investments include an AI-powered consumer electronics store and a blockchain-based data storage solution. All of these projects have been backed by the fund with the goal of providing financial and strategic support to entrepreneurs and innovators. The fund has also made investments in other high-growth tech startups, such as a streaming platform, a digital publishing platform, and an online education platform. The fund has become a leading investor in the tech industry, and its investments have helped create innovative and disruptive products and services.

What Are the Criteria for Success with the Fund? 

It is a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. The Fund was launched by Twitch CEO Kevin Lin and provides seed money to up-and-coming startups in the tech industry. In order to be successful with the Fund, there are certain criteria that must be met. First and foremost, the company must have a well-thought-out business plan that is capable of generating revenue within a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, the business must demonstrate potential for growth and success, as well as a commitment to innovation. Furthermore, the Fund requires that the company has a strong team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will be able to bring the business to the next level. Finally, the company must be able to attract and retain customers, as well as be able to raise additional funds from sources other than the Fund. These criteria demonstrate that the Fund is well-suited for companies that have the ambition and capability to succeed.


It is an investment fund founded by Kevin Lin, the co-founder of Twitch. The fund is dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs around the world, and it is believed that its mission is to benefit the gaming industry as a whole. Kevin has been a successful entrepreneur and investor for many years and is committed to helping the gaming industry grow and prosper. The fund has already made investments in some of the most successful gaming companies and is helping to build the industry into a more vibrant, creative and innovative space. Through the fund, Kevin is helping to provide the resources, capital and knowledge needed to launch the gaming companies and projects of the future.

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